Vote Early for a Great Deal - No Money Needed

THIS EXERCISE IS NOT TO BE CONFUSED with the recent proliferation of speculative crowd-funding or deposit-based ventures – we are not asking for any financial commitment at all and your ‘vote’ (which purely requires providing contact details) does not form an obligation to purchase (although, obviously, we hope that you will honour it). What a ‘vote’ does give you is the chance to directly influence production plans and an individual reservation (guaranteed chance to buy) if your choices are successful in reaching their production targets. Releases will always be spaced to spread any cost – allowing you to vote and budget for more than one option if so desired. Unlike other firms, we are not going to rush or over-promise, preferring to do a proper job, but obviously the quicker you vote, the sooner we can authorise our factories to get cracking. Inevitably, there will be increased demand for these models once approved since final quantities will be much more closely matched to the recorded demand, increasing collectability.

As an added incentive to vote early, subscribers for the following suggested variants will be able to secure their models at the original ‘locked-in’ price – the very same price as when the model was first launched in 2015! Forget trying to blame Brexit and Far East wage increases for excessive price rises. These issues don’t always have the retail price implications that most would like you to believe, since most firms seem to conveniently overlook the standard accounting practice of amortisation. With most of the one-off origination costs absorbed in the early runs, there is plenty of room to absorb material price increases and currency fluctuations on future production. As a rule of thumb, injection-mould tooling costs will normally have been fully recouped within a year or two.


WE ARE ALSO THROWING A SPANNER INTO THE WORKS… Whilst spending most of our time working on several much bigger things, the later headcode-box fitted Class 24/1s (D5114-D5150) keep being mentioned in correspondence. Even though a mass-market manufacturer indicated an interest in this loco some time ago, we have been genuinely surprised at the constant demand for SLW to produce this sub-type. As a direct result of this pressure, we are therefore proposing something different by adding two locomotives from the D5114-D5132 number series (green and blue) into the following mix. Our proposal is specifically for Highland (Inverness) machines fitted with the twin headlights used to provide early rock-fall warning. Who can resist?

Because some new parts are needed, the target level of interest for these will be pitched higher than the straight re-liveries. The popular Scottish ‘Baby Sulzer’ will have even greater play value than our existing standard Class 24, featuring working high-intensity ‘rally style’ headlights (using our advanced DCC lighting functionality), tablet-catcher equipment, snowploughs and even slotted boiler grille covers. If the demand is as great as we perceive, and the number of responses back this up, we could even be persuaded to produce alternative versions with re-plated front ends, allowing TOPS numbered machines also to be represented.

So, spread the word…  It’s over to you… The sooner we hit the targets, the sooner we can start pressing buttons!