“Quite simply, this is the best ready-to-run diesel locomotive model I have ever seen.”

“I’m blown away! This model is a real game-changer – and that’s something I wouldn’t say lightly.”

“Your Sulzer Type 2 diesel has brought a whole new level of enjoyment to operating my layout… it’s the loco all my friends want to drive!”

“A big ‘thank you’ for the enormous contribution you have made to the model railway world. It is a shame that all RTR models were made to the same such high standard.”

“Your Class 24 looks the part, runs very well, and is probably the best off-the-shelf model I have ever seen. It has truly raised the bar.”

“This locomotive is something special. Stunning detail and outstanding sound performance make this model highly desirable”

“I had absolutely zero interest in sound-fitted models until I witnessed and heard one of your Class 24s in action!“

“The detail and running qualities are superb. The sounds are the best I have heard on any DCC locomotive to date.”