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Update & New Content

Updated: 12.04.17, 09.00.

Having just received new models D5017 and 24091 into stock, we are working our way through advance orders, and should be completely up to date within the next seven days . Customers are kept up to date with their order by e-mail as it progresses through the system. Our service may be slightly affected because of staff holidays in late April/early-May. We are a very small operation so we apologise in advance if orders take slightly longer to fulfil during this period.

Don’t forget to check out our BLOG section, which has proved popular and we will be adding more content when we have time available. We also have a FACEBOOKpage which may be of interest if you are a user of social media.

Our PURCHASE page has been updated to reflect the latest stock situation. D5000 (2401), D5016 (2403), 24063 (2404) are now out of stock. Newly added items are D5017 (2403A) & 24091 (2404A).

Thank you for your continued support.

Philip & Jamie